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Clean Energy Future Principles Discussion at National Summit

By Jay Lucey, Executive Director
Coalition of Northeastern Governors

On March 6, 2019, a diverse group of 120 prominent national and state clean energy professionals met at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Vision Summit. I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend and experienced in–depth discussions and panel presentations regarding the policies, practices, and workforce training necessary for clean energy to advance, while addressing broader climate and equity goals.

The themes discussed were centered on these foundational questions:

  • What are the policy, regulatory and workforce challenges and opportunities surrounding 100% clean energy goals?
  • What do decision makers need to know to enable more sustainable, resilient, secure power and transportation sectors?
  • How do all communities and consumers benefit from a 100% clean energy future?

According to IREC, the action items resulting from the summit will result in a substantial set of principles for a path to a 100% clean energy future. Participants at the summit will continue to engage and collaborate together, with targets toward 2050 goals and the 2030 milestones required to achieve this vision. More information on the IREC summit can be found here:

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