Our History

Created in 1976, the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) is a non-partisan association of the seven governors of northeast states:  Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

In 2012 the New England Governors Conference was absorbed under the Coalition of Northeastern Governors. Both organizations worked on similar matters including transportation, energy, environment, and trade promoting regional collaboration through various action plans and agreements. 

In the past, NEG/ECP has adopted action plans to reduce the affects of climate change, acid rain, mercury deposition, and green house gas emissions in the transportation sector as well as adopt the Mystic Covenant to strengthen and promote trade. 

CONEG has continued to promote the economic and environmental well being of the Northeast through quarterly meetings of environmental commissioners, annual meetings of member governors, and develop models for legislative action including The Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (TPCH). 

CONEG coordinates and collaborates with states to provide analytical perspectives on legislation affecting the region. The CONEG staff works with governors’ policy staff and program officials in the states as well as governors’ staff in Washington. In the region, states use CONEG as a forum to share information, learn from each other and identify opportunities for cooperation among the states. In Washington, CONEG assesses and reports on federal issues that affect the region, and communicates the region’s priorities to federal officials and the Congress.

CONEG has undertaken a number of activities. For example:

  • Vermont Governor Scott hosted the 2018 Annual Conference of the NEG/ECP at the Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vermont with private discussions among the governors and premiers. Session topics at this conference focused on energy storage, electric vehicle innovation, and trade in the region with attention on shaping the region’s future relationship. Prince Edward Island hosted the 2017 annual conference.
  • The Governors released a statement on Regional Energy Affordability in August 2018. Affordable and reliable energy is a fundamental precursor for a vibrant and competitive New England economy. New England states have to be competitive to attract and retain businesses and residents.
  • CONEG staff continues regular outreach to individual governors’ staff and senior agency officials to discuss the primary regional issues of interest and CONEG activities, and to respond to individual members’ requests for information and analysis.
  • CONEG staff facilitated discussions of the Northeast Committee on Environment (NECOE) on such regional policy topics as climate resiliency initiatives, carbon intensity implications of changing domestic energy markets, recycling and waste management, and ground water protection.
  • CONEG staff works with the state environmental, energy and transportation commissioners/directors to ensure their agencies are engaged as the NEG/ECP develops its climate initiative to address the 2030 greenhouse emissions reduction marker.
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