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Ecological Connectivity Working Group Meets to Discuss Goals for Final Report

Resolution 40-3 Concerning Ecological Connectivity, Adaptation to Climate Change, and Biodiversity Conservation continues to provide leverage for states and provinces to produce essential projects and forums in order to educate the region on the significance of connectivity. Nova Scotia held its first Canadian Maritimes Ecological Connectivity Forum in Halifax on April 24th-25th, bringing together experts from both sides of the border including several NEG/ECP Ecological Connectivity Working Group members. Panel and workshop discussions included how to keep a connected landscape while promoting natural diversity, finding synergies with ecological connectivity and transportation agencies, tools for measuring connectivity, and the future of the connected landscape. This forum was an important step towards executing Resolution 40-3 and ensuring governments, non-profits, and stakeholders find solutions in the face of climate change.

Prior to the forum, Ecological Connectivity Working Group representatives came together in Halifax to discuss the next steps towards creating a final report for the 2020 NEG/ECP Conference as addressed in Resolution 40-3. Included in this conversation were the newly appointed co-chairs of the NEG/ECP Adaptation Working Group. The conversations focused on how to prioritize short term goals that can be reached by the region prior to the 2020 deadline, how the working group will continue to progress after 2020, and ways that both the Adaptation and Ecological Connectivity Working Group can collaborate and join forces to find solutions through various lenses.


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