Coordinating Committee (CCO)

The Coordinating Committee is comprised of representatives from all 11 jurisdictions within the Northeast International Region. These representatives are senior officials appointed by governors and premiers. All committees report to the CCO for final approval on reports and resolutions. The CCO also plays a vital role in the conference acting as a liaison for the governors and premiers in all matters. The conference host state or province will determine the lead CCO representative for that year. 

NEG CCO Members

Dan DeSimone
Washington Office

Tom Abello
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of the Governor

Kevin McColaugh
DC Office of Governor

New Hampshire

Rhode Island
David Ortiz
Senior Advisor
Office of the Governor

Brittney Wilson
Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs 
Office of the Governor

Tayt Brooks
Director of Affordability and Economic Initiatives
Office of the Governor


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