CONEG Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee oversees the overall direction and coordination of policies, programs and activities undertaken on behalf of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors. The Board of Directors, which has identical membership, is responsible for the administrative and fiscal management of the CONEG Policy Research Center, Inc. Member Governors appoint one representative to the Committee / CONEG Board of Directors.


Dan DeSimone
Washington Office

Jeremy Kennedy
Chief of Staff
Office of the Governor

Elizabeth Mahoney
Policy Director
Office of Governor

Kevin McColaugh
Legislative Affairs & Director
DC Office of the Governor

New Hampshire

New York
Alexander Cochran
Special Counsel to the Governor for Federal Affairs
Office of Governor Cuomo
New York Washington Office

Rhode Island
David Ortiz
Chief of Staff
Office of the Governor

Brittney Wilson

Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs 
Office of the Governor

Tayt Brooks
Director of Affordability and Economic Initiatives
Office of the Governor

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