Governors Prepare for Omicron Variant

Updated Mask Advisories; National Guard Activated; Elective Medical Procedures Delayed

Governors across the Northeast are proactively preparing for rising cases of COVID-19 across their states. The majority of new COVID cases and hospitalizations in the Northeast US are unvaccinated individuals. Being fully vaccinated is the best way to prevent serious infections, hospitalizations, and death.

“Be cautious this holiday season. Wear a mask in crowds and in uncertain situations. Being fully vaccinated (vaccine + booster) is the best way to prevent serious infections.” CT Governor Ned Lamont

“The data is clear: getting fully vaccinated and boosted is the best way to protect yourself, your community, and your loved ones against hospitalization or death from COVID19.” MA Governor Charlie Baker

“The winter surge is in full force, but we are not defenseless. We have the tools to fight this virus and its variants: Get vaccinated, get the booster and wear a mask.” NY Governor Kathy Hochul

“I continue to strongly urge Maine people to get their shot, regardless of whether it’s your first or your third, and take commonsense steps, like wearing masks when inside public places, to protect yourself and those around you.” ME Governor Janet Mills

“Getting vaccinated and boosted is the best way to protect yourself from omicron. Make getting your booster a top priority and take commonsense precautions like testing, staying home when sick and masking indoors in public.” VT Governor Phil Scott

“Whether it’s Delta or Omicron, we have the tools to keep ourselves and our families safe. Get vaccinated. If you’re eligible, get your booster. Wear a mask inside public places.” RI Governor Dan McKee






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